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CNC plasma cutting machines

We offer CNC controlled plasma cutting machines primarily for cutting steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper. For micro, small and medium-sized businesses we would like to offer an affordable alternative to increase their competitiveness, reduce their dependency and utilize their own creativity by themselves.

In cooperation with the Chinese CNC Machine Manufacturing Ltd. Jinan, Shandong, we offer you a high-quality machine park where, hopefully, everyone can find the most suitable equipment for their needs and financial capabilities. Following our “necessary and sufficient” principle, please take a look at our initial offer.

Why from Us?

Because we provide a complete package without hidden costs and our prices all include the followings:

  • Accessible and direct contact, "I give my face to these machines"
  • Complete set-up and installation on Your site(s)
  • Face-to-face training in machine operation
  • Theoretical and practical instructions and training for the software (editing, setting, cutting etc.)
  • Hungarian manual, Touch Protection Certificate
  • Service, support, repair
  • 1-year warranty from commissioning

Factory visit with my friends, 2018


The machines are stable and reasonable structured that are easy to handle and use.

The machines distributed through us, are characterized by fast cutting speed and high precision. The cutting incision is thin and smooth, thanks to which the second processing can be avoided. Our plasma cutters are suitable for cutting of materials with thickness 0.5-25 mm with a speed between 0 and 6000 mm/min.

Water cutting table: The machines are equipped with austenitic (acid-proof) waterbed table which almost completely absorbs the harmful fumes during the cutting process, thereby protecting the operator or those that are working in the room, and consequently there is no need for any expensive extraction equipment.

Guide rollers: Easier material handling.

Off-cable Remote Control: Mobility, easier handling. Starting, pause and replaying on contour of the cutting; zero-point recording (0.0), manual movement of the machine X, Y, Z directions, manual cutting, speed adjustment, emergency stop button, angle adjustment etc.

General technical data’s
Cutting speed / Fast move max 8000 / 45000 (mm/min)
Power unit Axis X, Y: High precision gears; Axis Z: ball shaft
Guiderails X, Y, Z PMI/ABBA linear guidance 20 mm
Motor Stepper motor 450B and YAKO 2608 driver
Control system Shanghai Fanling
Wrapped axis Z & X Dust protected / Ensuring of longer life
Power consumption / Power supply 3 phases / 400 V / 50 Hz
File connection USB transfer
Software Fastcam (www.fastcam.com)
THC control Automatic plasma height tracking with arc voltage measurement, automatic initial height adjustment
Pipe-cutter accessory / Adapter Pipe penetration cutting capability up to DN 200 2000 mm length


We offer plasma cutters in many different sizes and performance so that every company will be able to select the most appropriate one for themselves. Check out the characteristics of the types, technical parameters and prices of the machines marketed by us!

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Power source

The offered Hypertherm Powermax air plasma power source is a professional device that is characterized by high performance and stable plasma arc. Hypertherm is a world-class manufacturer of advanced cutting solutions.

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The software has a simple user-friendly interface, an own built-in CAD editor and a parametric module in which the most common components (e.g., square, triangle, circle, ring, flange, etc.) are editable.

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Small investment - Quick return

During plasma cutting, an electric arc is formed by the action of a high velocity ionized gas flowing through a narrow bore between the electrode and the substrate. The strongly concentrated plasma arc melts the metal in punctiform which is removed from the cutting slot by the high-speed and high-temperature gas jet. Unlike flame cutting in this case there are no chemical reactions, so plasma cutting is perfectly applicable for different base materials.

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